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ANI ANDERSON |Author & coach

Copy Editing

​Jenna G. Has been my editor for a few years now and after having worked with a few different editors I am always impressed with Jenna’s knack for being able to transform what I’ve written into something that sounds just a little bit better but it never loses my voice or important content points. She has a way of enhancing what I’ve written with her editing such that I read it back and think, “Wow, I wrote that?”

SADIE J CALAMACO |Life & Business coach

Peace of Mind

When I began my journey of creating a summit. I didn't know all of the little details that needed to take place UNTIL Jenna came along side me. She assured me in each step of the way. Her organization skills and extreme patience was amazing! I had the peace of mind from start to end knowing if I forgot something or needed anything Jenna was there to help. I'm thankful for our partnership.

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